Independent Timber Harvesting Specialists

Among the operations we specialise in, RDS Forestry Ltd. cater for all steps of the harvesting process. As a truly independent company with no affiliations to any sawmill or timber buyer, we act solely on behalf of the client to maximise returns on their timber sales. We aim to sustainably harvest approximately 125,000 tonnes of timber from our client’s forests per annum. For all clients who are members of the UKFCG FSC certified group scheme our management practices are compliant with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) UKWAS certification. Our client’s timber is therefore fully merchantable and adheres to FSC® chain-of-custody certification.

Among the suite of operations we can cater for include:


  • Independent timber marketing and negotiations with a network of purchasers.
  • FSC® COC certification for all clients who are members of the UKFCG FSC certified group scheme.
  • Felling license / forest design plan applications.
  • Forest road design, construction, upgrades, access, and bridge construction.
  • Invoicing / monitoring all timber that leaves the harvesting site.
  • Site monitoring, including adherence to all guidelines relevant to the operations at hand (Forest and Water guidelines, UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS), Timber Transport Forum Best Practice Guidelines).
  • Monitoring all phases of the process (pre-commencement, the operation itself, and the condition of the roads and site after the harvest).





Please contact our personnel for more information on what’s available and the services we offer.