At RDS Forestry our management practices abide to a strict culture of compliance under the auspices of the UKFCG FSC group scheme. UKFCG’s focus is to provide a cost effective route to certification without seeking a role as a forestry manager.


In turn, we are also subject to annual UKFCG and Certification Body third party audits to ensure we abide to the principles and criteria set out under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). The majority of our clients partake in the scheme to ensure their timber is merchantable. 


All members, new and existing, must abide by our group scheme rules and meet the criteria required. Inevitably, the procedures for approval and maintaining membership intertwine with our management services which includes:


  • Drafting long term forest management plans to UKWAS standards with intermittent five year reviews to ensure objectives are being met.
  • Construction of Geographic Information System (GIS) maps required for management plans (see portfolio of maps here)
  • Scoping and engaging with all relevant stakeholders in the planning process.
  • Intermittent auditing of our group scheme members.
  • Organisation and continuous site monitoring before, during, and after all forest operations.
  • Maintaining records of all contractors’ indemnities and competency training.
  • Monitoring pesticide usage.
  • Timber harvesting organisation (e.g. felling licenses), contracts, monitoring and invoicing.
  • Mammal control (e.g. deer) and record keeping.


Please contact us for more information on the services offered.