Forest Management & Consultancy Specialists

RDS Forestry Ltd specialises in forest management and consultancy. We have built up successful long term relationships with our clients and an exemplary record of forest management. We have also successfully diversified into ventures beyond just forest management to maximise the value of our client’s land assets. Our experience extends to utilising land potential beyond timber production into areas such as renewable green energy from wind, hydro and biomass, recreation, tourism and planning.


Currently we manage over 20,000 hectares of commercial forestry and agricultural land, with an extensive client portfolio. Our range of services include:


  • Woodland creation, planting, maintenance and crop protection.
  • Long term forest planning, woodland design and species selection.
  • Independent timber sales and marketing.
  • SRDP Grant advice and applications.
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification for a large number of our client properties through the UK Forest Certification Ltd’s UKFCG) FSC certified group scheme.
  • FSC License Code C112410
  • Renewable energy projects including wind farms.
  • GIS mapping and ground survey assessments.
  • Forestry and land valuations.
  • Habitat regeneration and conservation programs.
  • SRDP Grant advice and applications.
  • Tourism and recreational land use.
  • Planning opportunities.


We have a versatile and experienced management team who will be glad to deal with your enquiries.